What to do with my blog.

Since I’m not going to be going back to work in a full time job soon after all, I need to make a schedule for my blog work.  I think a Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting schedule is pretty reasonable, and I need the structure.  Self-discipline is not one of my long suits.

For now I’m going to make Monday my off-the-wall topic day.  Anything goes.  On Wednesdays I’ll talk about my dogs, or dogs in general, or pets, or back yard wildlife.  Fridays will be art blog day.  I’ll post pictures of the painting or drawing or piece of jewelry that I’m working on, and/or the process of making things (my process, anyway).

At some point, I’m going to have a separate series of biology articles.  I tutor freshman biology students from the local university.  I tried teaching at the local junior college, but discovered that I don’t really have the temperament to deal with a whole roomful of students.  I like the one-on-one dynamic a lot better.  But I still like the idea of teaching, and I love my subject.  Knowledge of basic biology is something a lot of people have been shortchanged on — or they shy away from it for one reason or another.  I’d like to try and see if I can make it less angsty.  I’ll expand on this idea later.

Right now, since it’s Friday, here is a photo of the snow leopard painting that I took a few days ago.  I have been working on it every day, so have made more progress, and maybe by next Friday it will be nearly finished.

starting to come into focus

starting to come into focus

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