Finishing touches and new beginnings

Snow leopard in watercolor

I think this is when to stop

So I’ve decided I’m finished with the snow leopard painting.  I did a lot more of the detail work with paints than I originally planned to, but it was good practice using the “dry brush” technique.  You know what was the trickiest part?  Those white whiskers.  Anywhere you want to have plain white on a watercolor, you have to paint around that area.  There’s stuff called mask that you can use to cover those areas while you add washes, but I only used it when I put on the first layers.  After that, I just had to work the darker shadows in without obliterating the white lines — which was a good place to use the pencils.

Once again, my thanks to Brian Switek, who has an awsome blog here.   And if you want another look at the original picture, you can see it here.

Anyway, on to more fun and games.  As I believe I mentioned, I found another wild cat photo to make into an art thing, this time a colored pencil painting on colored art paper.  I first saw the photo on “Stranger Fruit,” which is on Science Blogs.  The photo, of a colocolo, comes from here.  It is a very cool picture.  Here is what I’ve done so far.

Still a way to go.

Still a way to go.

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