Job Hunting Hell

If I had a dollar for every hour I’ve spent sweating my ass off over this computer filling out on-line job applications, tweaking and re-tweaking my resume, and writing brilliant cover letters, I could afford to take a vacation someplace where there are cool breezes and tall, icy drinks decorated with paper umbrellas….

Okay, maybe I could rent a paddle boat on a lake somewhere.

I’ve finally developed a high tech solution to the job application nightmare. I have a spreadsheet with all the little detailed job duties, “knowlege, skills and abilities” grouped together on one sheet; addresses on another sheet; references on another sheet. Then all I have to do is remember to open the damn thing when I’m on line, and copy-paste, copy-paste, copy-paste, etc, etc, etc. I actually think someone should hire me to develop a universal job application information dump where all human resource departments would have to go to post their jobs, and all job applicants could fill out one form one time for all jobs they want to apply for in a given time frame, and just edit as necessary as they change jobs.

Now, wouldn’t that be sensible, and efficient, and time-saving? And never likely to happen.

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