Spring Cleaning, or not

Since I’ve discovered how drab this blog looks for people who view it using Internet Explorer (a.k.a. I-frakking-E), which is the browser most people use, I think the time has come to start shopping around for a new theme. When I first launched my blog, I changed themes about once a week, because I had a specific look in mind that I wanted to achieve, and needed to find something both ready-made and free, and still customizable by someone without a whole lot of practice writing code. When I found “Tweaker,” and learned how to adapt it to include the big background picture of my “CrazyEddie” basenji, I thought I’d found the perfect vehicle. But I failed to perform a crucial check. I use Firefox almost exclusively. I also have Safari on this laptop, because I used to use it on my old iBook, and I installed it when I installed iTunes. But I almost never bother using I-frakking-E because everybody needs something to protest, and I like to protest certain industry giants. But I never figured that stupid browser would not support the part of my blog’s appearance that is almost the most important part. It sucks. It really does. So be looking for some changes, and it would help if I could get some feedback on what looks better. And be sure I’ll be looking at the site on every browser I can fit on my computer to make sure none of them leave out any important bits.

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