Watch while I blow up my blog

So. The other day I decided to test drive some new themes. But I didn’t like them, so I switched back to “Tweaker” because even if nobody else sees him, I would still rather see the large image of my dog as the background. Call me sentimental.
But this morning when I decided to post a quick update, I discovered that when I reinstalled the old theme, something got left behind. More like some things. Like the entire right hand side bar. All the categories, tags, etc. Not to mention the little button that lets me log in to the maintenance area. OOOPS. Where the frak did it all go?
I haven’t the foggiest. I imagine that while I was tweaking away, I tweaked a critical bit of code into oblivion — but it didn’t take effect until I re-installed the theme. Don’t ask me how that works.
Anyway, I was able to dust off this old theme that I used for a while in the early days of the blog, added my banner (which may look a bit stretched — I had to re-size it to fit) which will need some work if I decide to continue using this theme.
But I may try using the “Tweaker” theme again — delete all the old files and install a fresh copy and start modifying again. Maybe this time I’ll ask for some professional help. Or not. I may see what other kinds of unintended results I can manufacture with my tinkering. Should be fun.

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