A crazy bunch of critters

The craziest crazy basenji

Boomer, the craziest crazy basenji

Chief at 15 years old

Chief, aka Hoss, aka Gomer, aka The Old Guy


Striker, aka Tiny Girl, aka You Heinous Bitch


Ramses, aka The Puppy, aka Goober, aka Junior


"The Extra Dog" -- apparently thinks she's also a basenji

“The Extra Dog” — apparently thinks she’s also a basenji

Tortoise-shell cat

Sophia, “the extra dog,” finally sat still and let me take a picture of her face!

Boomer was the original crazy basenji.  He was my second basenji, and was an incorrigible  character. Chief was his younger full brother, and Ramses is his great nephew and heir apparent.  Striker was  Chief’s daughter, and a diva of the first water. (The Extra Dog is not related.)

Darby Jean DaVinci, gone too soon.

Darby Jean DaVinci, gone too soon.

My first Basenji

My first Basenji, Pogo ~ 1979

Rowdy, a Bernese Mountain Dog

Rowdy, from Iowa, survived “the Heat Wave of 1981” his first summer in Texas.

2 responses to “A crazy bunch of critters

  1. What a fabulous pack of critters!

  2. Thank you. They have been the source of great joy — and irritation — over the years (but what good dog isn’t a multi-tasker?). Sadly, only the Puppy and the Extra Dog are still with me.

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