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New Year’s bonus

Line drawing of horse

And for the equid enthusiasts out there...

Colored drawing of bay Arab

Bet on the Bay

The Snow cat, again

Snow leopard on black paper

A do-over with different materials

I wasn’t altogether happy with my previous attempt to put this cat on paper, so I started over. So far, I’m liking it. Still a way to go. My source for the original photo, Brian Switek, has moved his primary blog, but the photo is still on the wall at the old place. I hope he likes this version.

I’ll be posting updates as I progress.


Completed Blue Heeler portrait


Toy Fox Terrier portrait


“Brown paper exercise”

Mona Lisa pup in progress

Someone's precious pup

My version of the basic “brown paper exercise.” Still a work in progress.

Update, minus photo

I have finished the drawing of Tag, the Blue Heeler/Australian Cattle Dog for the friend of my cousin who has been waiting for it for some time. Mea culpa, I plead technical difficulties which delayed my starting on it sooner.

But I’m not posting a photo of the finished product until after it’s in the hands of it’s new owner. That only seems fair. Instead I offer a first look at a new project, which is a *secret, Christmas present* project, that I may not be able to show further progress on until after it, too, has gone to its new home.

Preliminary drawing

Just a bunch of lines at the moment

Update Number Two

I’m pleased to report that I’ll have this finished and in the hands of it’s rightful owner before Christmas. The light has been kind of iffy lately — we actually had some cloudy and overcast days in this part of Drought Central. Of course those clouds produced very little in the way of rain. Now that we’re back in the grips of the all-sun-all-the-time weather pattern, I can get some more art work done.

Portrait of a Blue Heeler

Closing in on done

Project update

Recent work on my drawing of “Tag.” He sure has been good at “holding still!”

Portrait of blue heeler in progress

Coming right along

Long overdue — a new art project

It’s been a while since I posted a picture that I was working on, mainly because I haven’t been doing any artwork for a while. I forget how relaxing it is. Very “grounding” and de-stressing work, like I guess yoga is supposed to be. Anyway, this is a portrait of a dog that belongs to a friend of one of my cousins. Cute, huh? Updates to follow.

Outline of "blue heeler"

Still a ways to go

Some color added

A little more in focus

Sprucing the place up

You might notice that I’ve moved a few things around in the sidebar, added the nifty tag “cloud,” and some links to blogs I like and some websites that aren’t blogs that are cool. So now if you want to read all the posts I’ve written about my dogs you can click on the “basenjis” in the tag cloud and see all those titles. And you can see some of the stuff I read on a regular basis. I’ll add more links as I go — don’t want to overwhelm anyone.

Oh, and pictures.

Almost finished

Almost finished

I made this

I made this

Pictures! and stuff…

It’s been a while since I did a post with a bunch of pictures. Gee, that means I’ve actually been thinking up stuff to write — or just bugging out of the whole scene, like I did the last couple weeks. Well, I have a few pictures to share, and they’re pretty random, which is kind of fun in itself. Here goes…


How many zebras can you find?

How many zebras can you find?



Hey, somebody get me a brewski.

Hey, somebody get me a brewski.



Everybody say "Awwww!"

Everybody say "Awwww!"



I swear there was no cat in that yard...

I swear there was no cat in that yard...