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Under the weather

For the past two weeks my head has felt like it was stuffed with concrete — that oozed gallons of guck through my sinuses, down the back of my throat…. Gahhhh. Sniffling, coughing, blowing my nose constantly…when will it all end? And how can one head hold so much guck? I had a head cold similar to this one back in the summer, but it seems like I just got over it, and now here I am in the same boat again. This time I didn’t feel like I was getting sick — I had a little tickle in my throat, nothing major. But once the allergies kicked in to help — HELP!!!

Now my brother has come down with a cold of his own. Yeah, the “man cold.” He’s curled up on the couch clutching his box of tissues, wearing his parka with the hood pulled up. I made a run to the store for remedies — decongestants, cough suppressants, more tissues, etc.

And I decided I’d make some chicken noodle soup, because I had the “makings” in the house. I have no idea how it will turn out, but I opened a couple cans of chicken broth, added part of a box of bow-tie pasta, some frozen cubed roasted chicken breast, frozen peas, and frozen carrots. I reckon it’ll have to simmer a couple hours to go from frozen to hot, plus cook the noodles, but I really have no idea. Cooking is not my thing. But how hard can it be? Knowing those words often precede total disasters, I choose to remain optimistic. Time will tell.

More housekeeping around here

So. I found some more themes I thought might work for my blog, and this one looks like the best candidate, so far. I was able to use my title banner, and, so far, I’m not finding odd gaps in the text wrapped around photos. I realized after I started using my “back-up” theme again, that I had some serious issues with how it handled my photos. Very frustrating.

Aside from not really liking the blue text, which I might be able to change, I think this theme will work out well. I was able to put little button links to my Twitter and Facebook pages up in the right corner without much trouble, and I think I’ll be able to add some pages where I can sell my planets and art work some day.

Watch while I blow up my blog

So. The other day I decided to test drive some new themes. But I didn’t like them, so I switched back to “Tweaker” because even if nobody else sees him, I would still rather see the large image of my dog as the background. Call me sentimental.
But this morning when I decided to post a quick update, I discovered that when I reinstalled the old theme, something got left behind. More like some things. Like the entire right hand side bar. All the categories, tags, etc. Not to mention the little button that lets me log in to the maintenance area. OOOPS. Where the frak did it all go?
I haven’t the foggiest. I imagine that while I was tweaking away, I tweaked a critical bit of code into oblivion — but it didn’t take effect until I re-installed the theme. Don’t ask me how that works.
Anyway, I was able to dust off this old theme that I used for a while in the early days of the blog, added my banner (which may look a bit stretched — I had to re-size it to fit) which will need some work if I decide to continue using this theme.
But I may try using the “Tweaker” theme again — delete all the old files and install a fresh copy and start modifying again. Maybe this time I’ll ask for some professional help. Or not. I may see what other kinds of unintended results I can manufacture with my tinkering. Should be fun.

A Quick Test

I just wanted to post a few more photos to see if my blog is still eating the captions I add. This only started happening after I added the latest update. Gah. I may have to sleuth through the WordPress forums to find out how to fix it.

Vulcan, Romulus, Andoria, Qo'nos bracelets

Vulcan, Romulus, Qo'noS, Andoria


My smallest star so far



Job Hunting Hell

If I had a dollar for every hour I’ve spent sweating my ass off over this computer filling out on-line job applications, tweaking and re-tweaking my resume, and writing brilliant cover letters, I could afford to take a vacation someplace where there are cool breezes and tall, icy drinks decorated with paper umbrellas….

Okay, maybe I could rent a paddle boat on a lake somewhere.

I’ve finally developed a high tech solution to the job application nightmare. I have a spreadsheet with all the little detailed job duties, “knowlege, skills and abilities” grouped together on one sheet; addresses on another sheet; references on another sheet. Then all I have to do is remember to open the damn thing when I’m on line, and copy-paste, copy-paste, copy-paste, etc, etc, etc. I actually think someone should hire me to develop a universal job application information dump where all human resource departments would have to go to post their jobs, and all job applicants could fill out one form one time for all jobs they want to apply for in a given time frame, and just edit as necessary as they change jobs.

Now, wouldn’t that be sensible, and efficient, and time-saving? And never likely to happen.


…by any other name is still “makeshift.”

My favorite watch

My favorite watch

So, I have this watch that my first (ex) husband gave me when I graduated from the local university way back in 19ahemmhem. It’s one of the few things he gave me that I still treasure — mainly because it’s one of the few things he gave me that he got right. What makes it unique these days is that I never have to buy a battery for it. It is a wind-up watch. And it is water resistant. I wore this watch the entire time I worked at the Fort Worth Zoo. It got wet; it got crunched into walls; it got soaked in Baygon; it got splattered with all manner of animal excrement. And it kept on ticking. It is, after all, a Timex.

However. It is a BITCH to find a replacement band for. And of course, I’ve gone through several replacement bands. I made the one in this photo from a dog collar. That’s right, a collar for a itty bitty doggie. I had to take it apart and cut a chunk off to make it small enough for my wrist, and I had to improvise a way to attach the watch to it because the collar was too thick to go through the pins. But thanks to my new handy dandy sewing machine and my natural ingenuity, I now have a very cool watchband with a nifty snap closure instead of a bunch of velcro (which wears out after a few years) or a buckle (with holes designed to aggravate — one is too tight, the next one is too loose. Arrrgh!)

There's even an AKC tag

There's even an AKC tag